A few locals had the privilege of helping a TV crew film an episode of the upcoming series entitled “Coast Australia” this week. The series will feature well known Scottish presenter Neil Oliver – many will have seen his British ‘Coast’ series already.  Neil and crew were helped out by Fritz Drenkhahn, Greg McKee (who helped produce the ABC documentary “Killers in Eden”), Arthur and Jenny Robb, Peter (Mal) Rankin and Mark Davidson.  Family matriarch Fay Davidson was there to oversee the fun, as was another local – Denise Switzer – who happened to walk the dog on the beach and ended up in the middle of proceedings.

Marty Davidson and Greg McKee spent the morning filming at Davidson’s Whaling Station as the production team showed great interest in the whaling history.  All involved are keen to see what makes it past the cutting room floor for the show when it airs later this year.

This is a great marketing opportunity for Eden and surrounds as the show is popular worldwide and will generate much more publicity for the amazing history and natural beauty of our region.