Volunteer Cruise Eden Co-Ordinator Gail Ward has been busy of late with several new cruise ships booked for 2015 and 2016.  Here’s an outline of which ship is visiting and when. Exciting times ahead!

5 Jan 2015  – L’Austral
18 Feb 2015 – Funchal
9 Mar 2015 – Funchal

20 Nov 2015 – Volendam

8 Feb 2016 – Pacific Jewel
26 Feb 2016 – Nordam

P&O have also included 2 visits to Eden in their 2015 schedule with details to be confirmed.

Chamber of Commerce members and members of the community are all eagerly awaiting the commencement of work at the wharf which would indicate the wharf extension is about to kick off.  This will see large cruise ships able to come alongside for easy and safe passenger disembarkation.