At last Monday’s Eden Chamber of Commerce Meeting, a motion was put for Eden Visitor Information Centre (EVIC) to branch out in its own right and incorporate as a separate organisation.  The motion was supported and carried unanimously, and EVIC representatives advised that the incorporation process can be completed now, with the organisation to be registered as ‘Eden Tourism Inc.’

The Chamber played in important role as auspicing body in the early days of EVIC, but through careful and diligent management by its own Board, EVIC is now well established with an extremely competent Manager and a team of very committed volunteers.

Tourism is our fastest growing industry, so the Chamber will continue to work closely with EVIC, Sapphire Coast Tourism (incorporating Cruise Eden) and all relevant government agencies to support sustainable business growth.  We will all need to be prepared for the influx of cruise ships and the expected growth in visitor numbers predicted as a result.