Fire picture

The Annual General Meeting of the Eden Chamber of Commerce Inc. was held on Monday 2nd March 2020 from 6pm.

A large group of interested community members attended, many with great ideas to help rebuild our business and community after the bushfire crisis. The following people were elected as Office Bearers:

President:                           Peter Whiter (
Vice President:                  Gail Ward (
Secretary:                           Eric Wolske (
Membership Secretary:    Brad Wills (
Treasurer/Public Officer: Kim Harrison-Hewitt (

A wonderful initiative came out of the meeting to help us all with Bushfire Recovery.  We are establishing a Recovery & Resilience Committee with the sole purpose of rolling out a series of actions to help us get the town back on its feet, bring more visitors – and hopefully keep them here for longer. We will add names to this group as identified – if you or someone you know feels they should be on this Committee, please contact Carina Severs, Manager at the Eden Access Centre on (02) 6496 3970.