Click on the link for the latest Press Release from the NSW Parliament about the funding for a wave attenuator in the Port of Eden, confirming the appointment of a contractor to assess various options to boost safety within the harbour.  The $10 million funding for this project is in addition to the $3 million to support the extension of the Breakwater Wharf in the Port of Eden, announced in March this year.

Andrew Constance said, “This wharf extension will allow the Port of Eden to accommodate more and larger cruise ships, as well as the possibility of vessels servicing industry needs.  With the extension, cruise vessels will be able to berth alongside the wharf, disembarking passengers more comfortably than by tender, as is currently the case.”

Everyone should be aware that the Chamber of Commerce Executive is in almost weekly contact with representatives from both Federal and State Government regarding progress on both projects and they are both definitely on track.  Final details are now being bedded down for the larger project, and work will commence as soon as the paperwork is in order.