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Chamber continues to gain momentum
Bega Valley Business Building Skills Expo 2014 not to be missed

Chamber continues to gain momentum

Chamber of Commerce Executive members were thrilled with the turn out for this month’s Chamber Meeting on Monday 7th April, with 38 attendees.

As part of the Chamber’s strategies to breathe new life into the Eden business community, guest speaker Natalie Godward was invited to give a presentation about a new shire-wide ‘buy local’ initiative.

Natalie is the Merimbula Chamber President as well as Vice President of the Bega Business Forum.  Many were impressed with the idea and seemed keen to participate, all agreeing that all businesses need to position themselves to attract customers who may otherwise shop online or in larger metropolitan centres.

The next Chamber meeting will be held on Monday 2nd June from 5.30pm and will feature Bega Valley Shire’s Business Growth Co-Ordinator Bob McAlister.  Bob was present at Monday’s meeting and despite only taking the floor for a brief address, managed to capture the audience with his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge of the current economic climate of the Shire.images

Bega Valley Business Building Skills Expo 2014 not to be missed

Bega Valley Shire Council will host a Business Building Skills Expo on Wednesday 16th April 2014 at the Bega Showground.  All businesses are urged to visit the Expo which will offer advice, contacts, links and information about all things business.  Every business will benefit – even those who think they already do it well!

Council’s Business Growth Coordinator, Bob McAlister said the Expo is being developed through a local demand for skills development as a key factor in sustaining future growth.  For all the information, visit this link to the Shire’s website.  You can download a Business Expo Registration Form here.  

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