Things are moving – albeit a little slower than anticipated – on the wharf extension. Dredging is likely to commence in the very near future and then it will be all systems go!!  The great news is that the Project Team remain confident that the wharf will be ready to take large cruiseships alongside in time for the 2017/18 cruise season.  Very exciting times ahead for our little town.

The Eden Port Development Community Liaison Group is working closely with the Project Team on this project and have all the up-to-date information relating to it, so feel free to ask local representatives if you have any queries. Our President Jenny Robb represents the Chamber on this group, with Vice President Gail Ward also attending as Eden Tourism’s representative.

The following Press Release must have missed the deadline for the Magnet this week which is disappointing but here it is in full:  UPDATE FROM EDEN PORT DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS COMMUNITY LIAISON GROUP (2)