As things progress with the Eden Wharf Extension and Safe Harbour Projects, representatives from the Dept. of Trade & Investment have kindly printed the very latest information on A3 display sheets.

The prints include:

  • final design options for the wharf extension itself;
  • possible location of the wave attenuator (safe harbour project);
  • latest status of the many licences, permits etc. required for the works;
  • NSW Procurement Steps (for a project of this size) and timing for Gateway Reviews;
  • Overview of the Preliminary and Final Business Case which must be prepared for projects over $10 million in value;
  • various additional funding options that may be considered by NSW Treasury in the June 2016 budget.

This information will be displayed from 5:15pm on Monday 4th April 2016  (and throughout the Chamber General Meeting 5:30pm) in the Captains Table Room at the Eden Fishermen’s Club.  Thereafter the Chamber is seeking to have this information (and any future updates) displayed for the community’s benefit in a vacant window in Imlay Street (to be confirmed).